Your Dog Will Love Chicken Dog Treats

There are a few flavors that all dogs love, regardless of their age, breed, size or their finicky eating habits. One of the flavors that are universally appealing to dogs is chicken.

Flavored chicken dog treats, particularly those with real chicken as an ingredient, provide a healthy, nutritious and highly popular option. The chicken itself is a protein and adds both nutritional contents to the treats as well as essential vitamins your dog will need for a healthy body, metabolism and overall functioning of body systems.

Read the Label

The key to finding the healthy chicken dog treats is to choose the ones made with real chicken. In the world of dog food and dog treats, the word “flavored” does not mean containing the real meat, instead look carefully at the ingredients label on the packaging.
The word “chicken” should appear as the top ingredient on the chicken dog treats packaging. Terms such as chicken by-products are not the same as real chicken, so be sure to check closely.

Other Ingredients

Another important factor in any healthy dog treats, particularly dog chews, is to verify the product is 100% rawhide free. Rawhide is the inner layer of beef hides and, if made outside of the USA, it can also contain horse hides. Rawhide is linked to digestive upset in dogs, and can also cause serious blockages in the stomach and intestines as it is incredibly difficult to digest.

Instead, look for pork skin as a top ingredient. This is a healthy, highly digestible option that gives the dog treat the crunch and nutrition that is lacking in any type of rawhide chews.

Try out different shapes of dog treats, and maybe even try out some other flavors. While chicken may be your dog’s favorite, different flavors are a nice way to add a bit of variety.