Signs You Should Switch to Artificial Turf

Artificial turf was first introduced to the mainstream market by Monsanto in 1960. Since then, the material has only improved and then some. The sticking point to remember about artificial turf is that it is not sod, patches of natural grass used to cover bald spots in a yard. Artificial turf is a set of synthetic fibers built to appear like grass, without actually being the real thing. So how would you know if you need it? If you are wondering this about artificial turf in Tampa Bay, here are the reasons you should switch to artificial turf.

Neglected Lawn Maintenance

Most people consider a lawn to be very self-maintaining, besides the odd mowing here and there, and to some extent that is true. A lawn, for the most part, will take care of itself. However, if you want it to look good, feel better, and generally be the ideal playground for your family that requires a lot of time and work. Time and work that most just don’t have. So if a good lawn means a lot to you, but if you just don’t have the time to work with natural grass, then artificial turf is likely the best way to go for you.

Your Grass Is Dying

Then there’s the worst case scenario for your lawn. If you live in a particularly hot area, where the sun beats down on the ground below 24/7, then your grass can end up dying on you en masse. If you don’t handle it fast, your entire lawn can turn brown if the heat keeps up for too long. If that has already happened to you, then artificial turf may just prove the better alternative to trying to regrow your entire lawn.

You Don’t Trust Pesticides Near Your Children or Pets

The most common and generally effective way to keep your lawn weed and insect free are to apply pesticides to your lawn. However, many pesticides have been proven to be poisonous to kids and animals. And if you have a few of both of those, that may prove to be a deal breaker. However, you want to have a nice lawn, so what do you do? Artificial turf proves to be the most effective alternative to this solution. If you don’t trust pesticides on principle, then artificial turf may just be for you.

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