Why Pay Per Click Marketing is Amazing for Small Business Owners

To understand why pay per click marketing is an incredible tool for a small business owner, it is first important to understand how the process works. It is a method of marketing that offers a business owner the ability to control their advertising and effectiveness. This helps keep your advertising budget under control, so you can target market in an incredibly effective way.

What is PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC marketing is kind of like internet marketing and allows you to pay a fee each time that someone clicks on an ad that you have currently running. This allows you to essentially purchase visits to your website, instead of putting an ad up in the hopes that someone will go to it.

The example that most business owners will recognize and understand is when PPC is utilized on a search engine like Google. If you have ever done a search for something using Google you will have noticed that the top results are always sponsored links, this is because a company has paid to have their website rise to the top of the list when someone enters a keyword that is relevant to whatever it is your company is providing to the public in terms of a product or service.

It has been found that when a customer does a search via Google they will only follow the first few results that come back to them, as they feel they will be the most relevant to what they are looking for. Furthermore, it has also been found that often if you company doesn’t come up as one of the first few results kicked back to a potential customer, they will never bother to go further down the list, denying you the ability to show off to the world what you have to offer.

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