Buying the Best Cat Bowl for Your Cat

More goes into buying a cat bowl than you might imagine. While you may want to have unique cat bowls that work well with your décor or that match the personality of your feline companion, you have to consider a range of factors when you are choosing the feeding and water bowls for your pet. Choosing the right bowl is just as important as choosing the right food, as some cats can be picky and not want to eat out of a certain bowl.

Fortunately, there are some tips that you can use to help you find a quality, unique cat bowl that your cat will love. The first step in this is thinking about what cat bowl is going to suit your cat the best.

Appropriate for the Size and Age of the Cat
If you have a kitten, rather than getting a large cat bowl now and hoping they grow into it later, it tends to be a good idea to have a bowl specifically for the kitten. These tend to be shallower. Those who have adult cats will want to have a bowl that is larger and a bit deeper. Ideally, you will want a bowl that is large enough that the cat’s whiskers do not touch the sides of the bowl while they eat.

Consider the Breed and Personality
Think about the breed of cat that you have, as well. Cats that have flatter faces are more likely to want a bowl that is relatively flat, and that has concave sides, which can make it easier for them to eat. Longhaired cats may prefer a bowl that is large enough for their food, but still shallow enough that they do not have to get their face covered in their food while they are eating.

If your cat happens to be a messy eater, a deeper bowl is usually a good option, so it doesn’t spill quite so much. You will also want to put something under the bowl to catch the overflow of food.

Pet Safety
Always make sure you are choosing not only unique cat bowls but those that are pet safe, as well. They should be made from materials that are easy to clean, nontoxic, and that are not going to absorb any odors. Bowls with bases that will not slip and slide all over the floor are helpful, as well.

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