When to Consider Finding a New Church Home for Your Family

It’s hard to talk about the things we don’t like about our church, but sometimes it is necessary. Here are just a few signs that it might be time to start sifting through the many churches in Detroit to find a new spiritual home for yourself and your family:

Sermons are Leaving You Angry or Confused

It can be very motivational to be left searching your soul and swimming through your thoughts after a Sunday sermon. However, if you are leaving your current church every week feeling upset or conflicted by what the priest is saying, you may be growing apart from your current congregation. Whether it’s too much political chatter during church or simply topics that you are in opposition of, this can be a good indicator it’s time to look for a new church.

Money is Too Much of a Focus

Giving to our church home and our God is part of being a follower of Jesus, but if your church is asking more of you than you have to offer, you may want to start looking for a new spiritual home. Tithes and offerings should never come between you and providing for your family or paying your bills, so be wary f a church that is constantly pushing or pressuring you to give more than you are comfortable with.

Your Fellow Churchgoers Make You Uncomfortable

This is an unfortunate circumstance of going to church with other imperfect humans that is all too common in the modern world. We all have differing opinions and a tendency to accidentally say or do things that hurt our neighbors’ feelings but knowing when to stop and when to hold our tongues is a fundamental part of fellowship. If you find that your fellow congregants are being pointedly rude or nasty to you or your loved ones, it’s definitely time to find a new Detroit church where you can be yourselves and feel like part of God’s beloved family.