Beyond Sunday Mornings: Churches’ Community Influence

Many people possess preconceived notions about the services that churches provide to their communities. While a church’s primary function is often to provide its congregation with an opportunity for worship, churches provide other services, too! In fact, churches in many communities are some of the primary sources for impactful and influential change for those who need it most. The following ways encompass only a few of the opportunities that Catholic churches in Detroit embrace to make a difference in the surrounding areas.

1. The Huffington Post describes several ways that churches influence their local communities. While many of these services are spiritually inclined or less tangible, they are still just as valid! By providing spiritual guidance, churches are often the last resource that one can seek during times of trouble.

2. According to The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the Church has made a difference in America by encouraging virtue and by directly providing hope to communities across the country. These accomplishments are often provided by means of extensive community service efforts and partnerships with local charities. By working with organizations assisting a variety of oppressed or minority groups, churches provide a new perspective and a voice for the voiceless.

3. Believe it or not, studies have shown that churches provide economic benefit to their surrounding communities, as well. An average Philadelphia church, for example, was shown to provide well over $450,000 worth of annual services, according to a non-religious U. Penn researcher).

Are you feeling inspired? What are you waiting for? If these encouraging points have inspired you to get more involved with one of the Catholic churches in Detroit, don’t delay! Inquire today about how you can contribute to churches that make a difference in Michigan, throughout America, and throughout the world.