What To Look For In A New Chainsaw Slabber

In the production of large sized wood slabs from any size of log, having the right equipment to cut accurately, quickly and easily through the log is critical. This not only reduces waste with uneven cuts, but it speeds up processing a log, resulting in increased productivity on the job.

A chainsaw slabber is an effective option in creating these medium to large sized slabs. Easy to use, this equipment needs to be safe for the operator while also allowing for easy setup, adjustments, and portability.

While it is possible to use a chainsaw lumber mill to produce slabs, the simplicity of using the slabber gives it an edge over other options. They can also be used in conjunction with other mills and equipment to create the ideal slabs for specialty sales and markets.

Industry Reputation

Knowing the industry reputation of the manufacturer is essential before buying a chainsaw slabber. There are a lot of startup companies and small production types of manufacturers offering equipment to the forestry industry or for sale to private individuals.

Buying from a known, proven company supplying to the forestry industry ensures the slabber is field tested and can stand up to extended use. It also ensures that full safety considerations are in place in the design and that quality control methods are used during production.


Comparing the efficiency of the various options available is also critical when selecting a chainsaw slabber. The kerf size is a consideration with a chainsaw over a mill, but there is rarely a significant difference for typical production.

For those exclusively producing slabs from logs, the sawmill option may offer some slight material savings with long-term use. However, they are also more complex systems requiring higher levels of maintenance throughout their life, which may offset those savings.