Three Things to Look for When You’re Searching for a Detroit Church

When searching for a church, it’s important to find one that you will be happy visiting every week. Therefore, you need to seek certain qualities when you’re exploring. The following are three things you need to look for in churches in Detroit, MI.

Proximity and Scenery

Your churchgoing experience should be kind to your mind and spirit. Therefore, you’ll want to look for a church that’s surrounded by beautiful scenery. Visit a few churches in Detroit, MI, to see if you can find a longstanding one that carries the city’s personality. You’ll be happiest somewhere where the scenery is pleasurable.

Positive Reviews

The next thing you need to do is read the reviews that other people have posted about the church. It’s a good idea to check online and see if the church has a feedback page. Read about the worship music, customer service, sermons and the like. A good rule of thumb is to take the time to visit an establishment that has more than three stars in ratings.

Upright Administrators

Upstanding administrators are a must-have when it comes to church. You’ll need to ensure that the people who are running the church are compassionate and caring people. You’ll want to know that they intend to enrich the spirits and minds of everyone who visits the facility. You can visit some churches after checking the reviews to get a better idea of how the facilities operate. If you like what you see, then you can visit for a longer period. Contact Old St. Mary at to find out about upcoming church services.