What You Should Do If You Have Purchased a Lemon in Missouri

Sadly, it is common to purchase lemon cars in the United States. It feels good when you drive a new car out of the dealership. It can be disheartening if your car doesn’t start the next day. Thankfully, with the help of a Missouri Lemon Law attorney, you have the opportunity to get help from the state.

Missouri is one of the states that has a Lemon Law. Missouri recently revised statutes 407.560 – 407.583. Based on the statues, in order for a car to be considered a lemon in Missouri, it has to be a new car. There are some exceptions where a used car that is under an active warranty can also qualify as a lemon. Missouri’s Lemon Law is constantly changing. The best way for you to know if your car qualifies as a lemon is to speak to a Missouri Lemon Law attorney.

Some customers mistakenly think that they can negotiate directly with the car dealership in order to get their vehicle repaired or replaced. Car dealerships understand that most customers do not comprehend the Lemon Law. For example, most customers don’t realize that they have a limited amount of time to report their vehicle as a lemon and still get compensation. Dealerships and manufacturers will play a waiting game, hoping that the customer runs out of time.

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