Collaborative Law in Birmingham for All Family Law Family Law Matters

Whenever a litigant walks into a courtroom, he or she is at risk. Ourcomes are almost always uncertain. In the context of a divorce, collaborative efforts reduce that risk substantially. When the parties to a divorce agree on a collaborative effort, the agree to work toward a settlement agreement that operates in the best interests of themselves and their children.

The Participation Agreement

Both parties must agree to a collaborative good faith effort. A participation agreement is entered into, and their respective attorneys are prohibited from representing them in court if collaborative efforts fail.

The Process

Unlike arbitration or mediation, there is no third party in the collaborative process at the center of the process. It’s the parties and their attorneys in a conference room or other neutral setting. As per our divorce lawyer Birmingham AL, everybody in that room works toward a satisfactory disposition of the case that operates in the best interests of the parties and their children. The opinions of counselors, psychologists and accountants are all considered in the effort at reaching a full and amicable settlement.

The collaborative process can be employed to attempt to resolve a wide range of family law issues like custody, child or spousal support, visitation and even modification. If you’re contemplating filing for a divorce in or around Birmingham, or even if you’re already in divorce proceedings, the collaborative process might offer a full and final resolution of all issues in your case. You can obtain more information about the collaborative process by contacting a divorce lawyer in Birmingham AL by contacting the Gregory Law Firm online at Website URL