Reasons for California Physicians to Collaborate with PET Imaging Unit Provider

Cardiac Pet Imaging in California scan provides a non-invasive way of imaging to study heart tissue function and detect diseases. PET imaging equipment is not in clinics. As a physician, you may partner with a provider to avail the technology to patients. A partnership brings the advantages below.


Inviting a cardiac PET provider to your clinic eliminates the high cost of buying and operating the system first. You can get into agreement with the provider to bring the advanced cardiology tools to your practice and manage them. You will get PET/CT without upfront cost, down payment, or hidden cost. The provider will fund the consultation, installation, and staff training.

Convenient and Flexible Schedule

You can get cardiac PET equipment suitable for your size of practice anytime. PET imaging provider has mobile coaches to deliver the system and service at your practice. A flexible schedule allows you to ask for PET imaging gear when patients need Cardiac Pet Imaging in California. You can get it for a day, a week, or a month.

Mobile clinic staff adapts to your routine and practice procedures. There is an option for a fixed site solution if you feel your practice is large enough to operate a PET lab. The provider will handle everything from leasehold improvement, installation, initial and continuing training of practice staff.

Improved diagnosis

PET imaging units contain a technologically advanced system with higher diagnostic accuracy, low radiation exposure, and quicker exam time. A patient spends only about 45 minutes and can check-in directly, eliminating the interaction with clinic staff and other patients.

Call for More Details

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