Using A Slip And Fall Attorney in Gig Harbor

When a business owner is informed that someone had fallen on their property, they will most likely want to retain a Slip And Fall Attorney in Gig Harbor to help with the matter. Since some people pretend to fall in an establishment in an attempt to miss work and gain compensation, protecting oneself from a false accusation is necessary. Here are some steps a business owner can take to help in proving they were not at fault for a proposed fall on their property.

Get Surveillance Footage And Evaluate It

If there is a security system on the premises of the building, it may have captured footage about the slip and fall occurrence. This footage can be viewed to see if the person who had fallen appears to be looking for an area to stage their fall or if it had happened for another reason. An attorney will be able to use this information in a court of law to prove there was no negligence if necessary.

Find Out If Others Noticed Suspicious Behavior

Ask neighboring business owners if they had noticed any suspicious behavior in their own establishments. The person who had fallen may have checked out several areas before deciding on the best location to stage their act. Others may have surveillance footage as well. Checking with those nearby can lead to proof that the person had indeed pretending to get hurt in the establishment.

Hire A Private Investigator To Follow The Perpetrator

It is a good idea to hire a detective to follow the person who had said they became injured on the property. This may show that the person is engaging in activities that they would not be able to do if they were truly hurt. This information can be used in a courtroom if desired.

When there is a need to find a Slip And Fall Attorney in Gig Harbor, hiring one known for their proven track record is usually desired. Visit to find out more about a practice dedicated to helping their clients in all types of personal injury situations. A call can be made for a consultation, after browsing the site if desired.