Fun and Interesting Facts About Demolition in Minneapolis

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Everyone knows what demolition is, right? Just knocking down old buildings and making way for new ones! Actually, there are many more interesting things to know about demolition besides that. Here are some fun and interesting things to know about Demolition in Minneapolis.

  • Most demolitions are performed by wrecking balls. Only 1% are performed by explosives imploding the structure. There are also instances when the demolition cannot use either of those methods and are performed by hand, using manual tools such as sledgehammers. These cases usually only occur when there are local zoning laws or ordinances that prohibit the use of dynamite or heavy machinery.
  • Demolition companies were actually at the forefront of the environmental movement. Due to the dangers of buildings that contained harmful chemicals and other materials, they were well aware of properly disposing of hazardous materials and not introducing them into the environment in a reckless manner.
  • Companies involved in demolition in Minneapolis were also involved in strong recycling efforts early on, before recycling gained widespread popularity. They realized that they could both save money and generate money by recycling or reusing many of the materials which were left after the buildings or homes were demolished.
  • One of the biggest demolition projects ever conducted happened in Palestine in the late 1960s. The Israeli government ordered the demolition of nearly 20,000 homes to make way for new villages.
  • Demolition companies are well versed in helping preservationists know what needs to be done to preserve historical landmarks. They are experts in how aging buildings are constructed and the best way to prevent further collapse.
  • While demolition experts do not necessarily need a degree to work in the profession, it is a very sophisticated business to get into. A demolition expert must know the exact strengths and weaknesses of the material being worked with and should have a complete knowledge of the construction industry and its very methods of building.

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