Divorce Lawyers In Springboro OH Can Help You Through This Difficult Time

A divorce is an emotional time for both of the parties involved. The change of residences and trying to accept the failure of a marriage can cause emotions to run high and prohibit an individual from thinking clearly. In Ohio, a couple can choose the dissolution or divorce process. Both can legally end a marriage but in a different legal procedure. Determining the best way to proceed begins by visiting Divorce Lawyers in Springboro OH. They are experienced in asking the right questions to determine if the divorce should proceed through a dissolution or a divorce. They will thoroughly explain an individual’s legal rights and how various decisions can affect their future.

A dissolution is an uncontested divorced. A couple must have a marital agreement signed before the divorce proceedings can begin. This agreement will outline the terms of the divorce, including the division of assets and debts. It will also determine if one spouse is responsible for paying the other one any time of alimony. Once an agreement is reached, a petition for dissolution can be filed on no-fault grounds. One spouse doesn’t have to serve the other one with divorce papers, and a divorce can be finalized within one to three months. Negotiating a fair settlement requires the help of experienced Divorce Lawyers in Springboro OH.

A divorce can also be filed in Ohio on no-fault grounds to end a marriage. A divorce proceeding can begin by filing the necessary pleadings with the court before a marital settlement has been reached. If an individual wants to file on fault grounds, they must fall into one of the eight legal faults including adultery and cruelty. The divorce papers must be served on the other spouse and interrogatories must be taken. An individual can also choose to file for a legal separation from their spouse, and the court will make a determination of the contested issues.

If you’ve determined your marriage is over, it’s always important to protect your rights. Divorces can cause financial hardship on an individual when they don’t have the legal counsel that they need. It’s important to visit an experienced family law attorney to find more information before you make a final decision to proceed with a divorce.