Possible Sentences Criminal Lawyers in Singapore Can Help You With

If you’ve been arrested, it’s imperative that you speak with one of the best Criminal Lawyers Singapore as soon as you can. These lawyers will be able to represent you in court and will work hard to try to get a good outcome for your case. With criminal charges, there are a variety of different sentences you may be facing, and a criminal lawyer’s main goal, if you’re convicted, will be to get you the lowest sentence possible. No matter what the crime you’re accused of is, some of the sentences you may be facing are:

1. Jail – Most criminal cases come with a jail sentence as a possible sentence, and the amount of time you can have to go to jail varies. Misdemeanor cases can have sentences of one day up to one year of jail time. Felony cases, depending on the severity, can have jail time from one year up to life in prison.

2. Probation – This is usually added to a jail sentence. You would be free to go home, to work, and run errands, but there are restrictions on what you can and can’t do. You will have to check in with a probation officer at least once a month.

3. Community Service – Many times, community service can be done instead of jail time or paying fines for misdemeanor cases. The hours vary depending on your crime, but when you work with Criminal Lawyers Singapore, they can help you find a place you will enjoy doing your community service hours at.

4. Fines – Almost all convictions come with fines. The Criminal Lawyers Singapore can help you determine what amount of fines you are likely to have to pay, and if there’s a way to do community service or something else in exchange for not having to pay some or all of the fines.

If you’re facing criminal charges, Criminal Lawyers Singapore can help you avoid harsh penalties like jail time and help you get the smallest sentence possible if you are convicted. Call a lawyer as soon as you have been charged and arrested so you can begin benefiting from their help as soon as possible and they can begin forming your defense quickly.