The Process of Water Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Have you ever been served a glass of cloudy tap water or a glass full of clean filtered water? Definitely you will send the glass of the cloudy tap water back. A complete water treatment in Jacksonville, FL helps in getting rid of contaminants and provides very safe and healthy drinking water. A professional distributor of water softeners is known to offer ultimate and complete water treatments for homeowners and businesses.

Get High-Quality Water Treatments

When you are interested in having the quality of your drinking water upgraded, or you want to ensure that your home has clean and processed water circulating, then you need the services offered by water softener distributors. Modern water treatment systems are unique and proven to offer water that is softer and cleaner since they been in use worldwide since 1966. Clean and safe water is regarded as a very vital component in everyday life. Safe water is also considered to be a very important component of your hygiene, health and community productivity.

Understand How Water Treatment Systems Work

Coagulation is at times referred to as flocculation. During the process of coagulation, polymer and the liquid aluminum sulfate are normally added to the raw water. When these two elements are mixed with untreated water, they cause the tiny particles of dirt found in the water to stick together forming heavier particles called flocks, which are easier to remove from the water.  When the water and the flocks move through the water treatment process, they reach the sedimentation basin where the speed of the water is reduced making the flocks settle at the bottom of the basin. The flock which collects at the bottom of the sedimentation basin is normally referred to as the sludge.

Water is Filtrated and Disinfected

During the process of water treatment, water flows through a filter specifically designed to remove the particles found in water. These filters are normally made up of gravel, sand and crushed anthracite layers. During the filtration process, the suspended impurities are collected and removed. Water is usually disinfected before it gets into the distribution system. This ensures that any disease-causing parasites, bacteria and viruses are removed. The solids which have been collected and removed from the water are usually moved to the drying lagoons. The entire water treatment system enables people to enjoy clean and clear water in their homes and businesses.

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