Salt Room – Beneficial for Respiratory and Skin Conditions

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When salt is inhaled, it offers a number of anti-inflammatory, hydrophilic, bactericide and mucokinetic properties. This leads to a reduction in inflammation in the entire respiratory tract, accelerated movement of mucus, airway passage widening, improved immune system and the elimination of foreign allergens and residual tar.

Dry salt is extremely absorbent and it acts as a sponge attracting any type of foreign substance it meets along the path it takes in the respiratory tract. You can compare the action of the dry salt to a toothbrush in your respiratory system, removing any foreign elements and build-up that can cause respiratory conditions and ailments.

The Lungs

There are a number of respiratory issues that dry salt therapy can be beneficial for, including:

1. Wheezing

2. Allergies and asthma

3. Emphysema

4. Fatigue and stress

5. Pneumonia

6. Cystic fibrosis

7. Rhinitis


9. Bronchitis

10. Snoring

11. Flu and cold

12. Sinusitis

13. Smoker’s cough

Benefits for Asthma

Asthma is a type of respiratory disease when someone suffers from suffocation attacks. The pure air in a salt cave, as well as the ability of the aerosolised particles of the salt to penetrate into the person’s bronchi and to kill viruses and bacteria has been proven as an effective treatment for asthma.

Salt Therapy for Eczema

Salt therapy is not only beneficial for respiratory issues. It is also quite beneficial or anyone who suffers from eczema. In many cases, salt therapy can prevent cases of eczema from coming back when a regular schedule for this treatment is followed.

The salt will work to draw out the fluid present in any blisters caused by eczema and helps to heat any flaking or raw skin, as well as minor scratches and cuts. Constant itching and irritation can be quite dangerous for those who suffer from eczema and put them at a higher risk for staph infections or herpeticum. With salt therapy these risks can be reduced which will stimulate the dermis and epidermis, which will assist the body and help to resist and fight future skin irritants, rashes and infections.

Salt therapy is becoming more and more popular as the health benefits it offers are becoming more well-known. For those who suffer from respiratory issues or skin conditions, they may find relief and an ease of the discomfort by investing in salt therapy. This is a trend that is likely going to catch on quite soon.

Learn more about salt therapy and how it can benefit respiratory conditions and skin conditions at the Salt City website.

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