A Waterproofing Contractor In Fairfax Can Protect A Building Or Foundation

Water is one of the most destructive things that can occur to a building or foundation. Most water damage is not detected until it has caused a more serious problem. A basement will develop mold or mildew, and the walls could bow or crack. The mortar between the joints of buildings can develop a small leak and permit water to enter. This water will freeze during the winter months can cause further damage, including cracking of the brick or stone. A Waterproofing Contractor in Fairfax should be contacted at the first sign of any water damage so it can be quickly repaired.

A Waterproofing Contractor in Fairfax has a variety of waterproofing solutions that could include clear water repellents, expansion joints, below grade waterproofing, waterproof coatings, caulking and sealants that can eliminate the problem. Slate roofs can develop leaks that need to be repaired by an experienced mason. Historical buildings require a highly-trained restoration mason to properly repoint the structure. The mortar must be the same strength as the previous cement, or the bricks or stone will be ruined. Window sills in a historic building should have any cracks quickly repaired before the water runs further into the building.

Foundation water problems are common. A waterproofing contractor will perform a leak investigation to determine the cause of the problem. Older French drains may have stopped working or water tables could have created additional pressure on the walls causing damage. A bowed wall in a foundation should be repaired, and the water will have to be channeled away from the area. Replacement of French drains doesn’t mean the area on the outside of the foundation will need to be excavated. Interior drains can be installed with all of the drainage pipes leading to a sump pump that will push the water out of the building to another location.

The foundation of any home or business should always be secure and dry. There are signs that occur inside of the structure that there’s a problem. The doors and windows won’t properly open and close, cracks in the drywall or plaster will form, or a foul smell from the mold and mildew will be in the building. For more information about waterproofing a building, please visit us.

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