How Westford, MA Homeowners Can Prevent Moisture Issues in Their Basements

Homeowners need to quickly deal with any moisture problems that occur in their basement in order to prevent expensive repairs and the growth of mold. Since basements are partially or fully underground; they are prone to dampness, major leaks, condensation problems, and flooding.

When a homeowner notices small cracks in their foundation, they may be able to use a sealant to prevent moisture from seeping into the basement. Special sealants usually offer a multi-year warranty. This means that a homeowner may be able to push back the time needed for a professional foundation crack repair in Westford, MA. If small cracks are not sealed quickly, the problem will only get worse and require professional help sooner or later.

A company that offers foundation crack repair in Westford, MA can examine a home and determine what is causing a damp basement. For example, they may notice that rain gutters are filled with debris, leading to water pouring down the sides of the gutter and pooling around the home. They may also notice that downspouts are not properly placed, allowing water to collect around the home.

Another issue that a professional may notice is that the grading of the home is allowing water to pool near it. Adding some dirt near the foundation may be a simple way to change the direction of the slope, preventing water from seeping into the basement through cracks.