The Convenience of Delivery by an Ice Cube Distributor in Long Island, NY for a Residential Party

The service of an ice cube distributor in Long Island, NY usually is needed for a residential gathering of family and friends for two main purposes. The hosts of the event want plenty of ice to put in coolers so cans and bottles of beverages will stay cold. They also want ice cubes that guests can have inside their drinks to keep the beverages cool.

Ice in Coolers and Glasses

Ice in coolers and tubs is ideal for bottles and cans of beer, soda, and water. When it comes to cocktails, however, ice inside the glass is often part of the recipe. An ice cube distributor in Long Island, NY makes sure the hosts of the event have plenty of these frozen bits for making drinks like Bacardi and Coke, Seven and Seven, and tequila sunrise.

Any Time of Year

In this region, it may be possible to simply set containers of beer, soft drinks, and water outside if the gathering is held in winter. Normally, that would keep everything cold. Weather can be unpredictable, however. On rare occasion, a Christmas party might be held when temperatures are in the 50s. The same goes for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Of course, long sunny days and summer weather require plenty of ice on hand because there’s no other way to serve dozens of cans and bottles icy cold. No matter what time of year it is, ordering products from a supplier such as Long Island Ice and Fuel is the best solution for keeping beverages chilled. Details on this particular company can be seen at Website Domain.

Avoiding the Hassle

These gatherings usually feature food, whether the hosts decide to offer a variety of snacks, a buffet of appetizers and sandwiches, or a sit-down dinner with several choices of food items. The refrigerator and freezer have been kept well-stocked for the occasion. A home’s freezer usually can’t hold all the ice needed for a big get-together. Those holding the party have the option of going to a store and buying several large bags of ice cubes, but many would rather avoid the hassle and simply have it delivered.