Benefits of Using an Ice Luge in Suffolk County NY

Also known as a shooter-block or martini luge, an ice luge is a kind of sculpture made from large blocks of ice. It is constructed in such a way that incorporates the carving of a narrow channel through which liquid products such as liquor, wines, etc. can be poured. Ice luges can be made by individuals or commercial concerns and can also be utilized in serving oysters.

Construction of Ice Luges

Ice luges are typically sculpted from blocks of ice and can be cast using a mold. Most ice luge designs incorporate a tube into an existing ice sculpture. In some cases, companies that specialize in constructing ice sculptures can also make ice luges for their clients. Ice companies are known for making ice luges, and some of them create and market custom designs.

Benefits of Ice Luges

Liquor products such as brandy and vodka are poured into the top of the carved channel in the ice luge and dispensed at its bottom into a glass or the mouths of individuals. Ice luges can also be used to simultaneously chill and serve champagne and martinis. This increases the uniqueness and fun level of events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The following are some benefits of using an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY.

Makes for Fun Occasions

For events where adult beverages are served, using an ice luge is certain to make the event more fun and lively. Ice luges allow all the attendees to become involved in drinking games and they can watch as friends and family join in the fun. It is better than hiring bartenders to flip bottles and perform other tricks.

Different Sizes and Shapes

Ice luges can be made in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. Ice companies who specialize in making ice luges can custom create one and tailor it to meet the exact specifications of clients. In cases where individuals are planning a themed party, they are encouraged to order an ice luge that will complement the occasion.

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