Get an Attractive, Full Smile With Dental Implants

At some point people have to deal with losing a tooth. Although tooth loss is fairly common, it can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. With some help from Dentistry by Design, you can feel enthusiastic about smiling again. Dr. Michael Morgan can use his expertise in implant dentistry to give you the smile you desire.

The Basics of Implants

The main point of getting an implant is to replace a natural tooth in both look and feel. Each implant unit has a root piece and a crown top. A dentist in Burr Ridge performs the implant by putting the titanium root into the bone of the jaw. This allows the jawbone to fuse onto the root in a matter of a few months. The next step is to fix the crown piece so that the unit appears as a full tooth.

Implants Are For Multiple Teeth Too!

Many people think implants have to be installed one-by-one. This is not true. A dentist from Burr Ridge can create an implant that covers several missing teeth. There are several benefits to using this method over bridges. First, these multiple tooth implants do not rely on surrounding teeth for support. This alleviates stress on the rest of the teeth. Second, these implants last way longer than the typical bridge. This will save you money, and trips to the dentist.

Quality Dental Implants

Not all dental implants are the same. If you get high-quality implants from an experienced dentist, they can last an entire lifetime. The proper procedure requires performing thorough diagnostic studies. It is also necessary to plan out the placement and surgery of implants to prevent unpleasant side effects. Dr. Morgan’s office takes into account how the implants will affect your facial bones, nerves and sinuses. If implants are right for you, only high-quality fixtures are used to replace missing teeth.