An Ice Cube Distributor in Long Island, NY and a Debunked Advertising Theory

In the 1970s, the public became widely aware of a technique some advertisers were allegedly using. In so-called subliminal advertising, the companies were allegedly placing imagery in pictures that wouldn’t be consciously noticed but would be picked up by the subconscious. Best-selling books focusing on this method appeared on store shelves. An ice cube distributor in Long Island, NY might have heard about this even recently, since much of the suspicion regarding this technique centered on ice cubes.

The Supposed Intention of Subliminal Images

The idea was that ad agencies would sketch enticing images, primarily sex-related, in pictures of ice cubes and other objects. The potential buyer would then feel excited about the product in the ad, not understanding that the subconscious mind was reacting to the hidden imagery. Ice cubes were thought to be particularly useful because they change shape and display various patterns as they melt.

Little Verification Beyond Overactive Imaginations

The idea of subliminal messages in advertising is fascinating to many, but the theory just doesn’t seem to hold much water, frozen or not. Research has not verified much use of this strategy. It seems to have mainly been a theory that only produced scant actual evidence. Absolut Vodka once ran a satire promotion as part of its famed ad series, with the brand name shown as a subliminal message in ice cubes in a glass. The American Association of Advertising Agencies pronounced the theory as an indication of overactive imaginations.

Today’s Product Placement for Promotion

These days, advertisers find ways to place their brands in front of consumers in numerous ways not common in the 1970s. For instance, brand-name products are often seen in sit-coms and TV dramas as well as in movies. As a group of people relaxes in front of the TV set watching these shows, they might enjoy beverages kept cold with the help of an ice cube distributor in Long Island, NY. For example, bags of ice supplied by Long Island Ice & Fuel are sold at many stores in the area. Information on this particular ice supplier can be seen at the website