The Benefits of Animal Radiology Services for Your Pet

Animal Radiology Services offer real benefits to pet patients and their human families. This technology is becoming very important in veterinary medicine for some excellent reasons. Accurate and quick diagnosis is the first step on the road back to health, useful for both small and large animals.

The Advantages of Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a valuable, non-invasive diagnostic tool providing substantial benefits when compared to traditional X-rays.

     *     Fast and efficient:

     *     It takes time to process the film used in conventional X-rays and it’s messy. Sometimes, after the film was processed, it would be discovered that the animal’s position hadn’t been perfect and it would be necessary to take another X-ray and process another film. If it’s necessary to reposition the animal when using digital radiography, it’s apparent immediately since the image appears on the screen immediately. The process is quicker and easier on the pet patient.

     *     Less radiation:

     *     Digital images are produces using much lower level of radiation when compared to conventional X-rays, another advantage for pets and humans.

     *     Better images:

     *     X-ray films are as-is and can’t be manipulated. Digital images, on the other hand, are clear and sharp. They can be magnified and manipulated, revealing more about the animal’s condition and contributing to a better diagnosis.

     *     Transferable:

     *     Digital images can be quickly sent over the internet or burned to a CD for specialists to look at if necessary.

     *     Easy to store:

     *     The images can be stored and referred to at a later date, especially useful in when evaluating the pet’s condition when compared to earlier images.

Using Digital Radiography

Since animals are unable to tell us exactly what is wrong, the clear images produced by this technology are extremely important for veterinarians. It makes it easier to determine if surgery is needed or not and is very helpful in the event of surgery.

Some of the other uses of modern digital radiography include:

     *     Bone breaks and fractures

     *     Cancer, locating tumors and determining if it has spread

     *     Bladder stones and other urinary problems

     *     Heart problems

     *     Intestinal issues, including locating swallowed objects such as toys or socks

     *     The reproductive system

     *     Dental problems

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