Maximize a Dog’s Potential with Pet Training in Alexandria

A dog can be a wonderful family companion. However, sometimes a dog’s behavior may be less than desirable. Rather than simply living with annoying issues, consider Pet Training in Alexandria to maximize a dog’s potential. It is an owner’s responsibility to ensure that a dog is controllable and well-behaved around other people and animals for the safety and well-being of everyone that he comes into contact with.

Social Skills

Dogs are social creatures by nature, however, not all dogs are well behaved in public settings. Teaching basic commands and manners can lessen an owner’s anxiety when taking a puppy out and about. A well-behaved dog can be a joy to be around when he is able to understand and obey command as they are given. A dog should be able to follow instructions for sit, stay, down, come, off, don’t touch and heel whenever he hears the words.

Walking on a Leash

One of the main complaints that owners have with their dogs is not being able to go for a walk without constant pulling and tugging on the leash. Mastering leash walking can make walking together a rewarding time, instead of a dreaded adventure. When a dog walks with his owner, the leash should be relaxed and the dog should be able to walk by his owner’s side without lunging forward and jerking on the leash.

Behavioral Issues

It’s important to address behavioral issues before they get too far out of control. Problem issues such as excessive barking, biting, destructive chewing, digging holes everywhere, inappropriate elimination, chasing and jumping up should be corrected in order to avoid problems with neighbors, friends and other family members. A dog’s ability to be trained can take place at any age, although an older dog may take a bit longer to change set-in problems.

Anxiety Issues

Separation anxiety can turn a loving family member into a crazed maniac when left alone for any period of time. Dogs that suffer from true anxiety will become anxious when an owner is getting ready to leave, misbehave within the first 15 – 45 minutes of being left alone, want to continually be at an owner’s side, and it may require behavior modification and desensitization exercises to get the anxiety under control.

A well-behaved dog experiences less stress and can interact easier with the people around him. For more information regarding Pet Training in Alexandria, please Contact us.