Picking the Right Veterinary Hospital in Clifton, VA

Picking the right veterinarian for a pet can be challenging. While the quality of medical care is an important consideration, it is not the only one. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a Veterinary Hospital in Clifton VA.

What Is the Vet’s Reputation?

When beginning a search for a great vet, one place to start is by asking other pet owners in the same area about their experiences with local veterinarians. While even great vets can have critics, a veterinary hospital should have a good reputation in the community, and at least a few local pet owners should be regular clients.

How are the Facilities?

A veterinary hospital should be scrupulously clean. However, do not judge a vet hospital by the presence of a little dirt or mess in the waiting area. They have little control over how dirty pets are when they enter the facility, and pet accidents can occur quickly. With that said, exam rooms should be thoroughly cleaned between patients and, on a tour of the facilities, operating areas should be sterile.

How Many Vets are in the Practice?

The majority of larger vet hospitals have multiple vets, and while a person may choose a primary veterinarian, all of the vets will be able to provide services if the chosen doctor is unavailable. In smaller practices, what arrangements are available for care when the practice’s veterinarians are unavailable?

Are the Vets and the Staff Likeable?

A veterinarian may be better with animals than with people, but pet owners need to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help from the veterinarian or staff members. If a veterinarian is intimidating or the staff makes a pet owner feel unwelcome, the pet owner will delay seeking treatment no matter how good the medical care offered by the hospital is.

Do Pets Like the Vet?

While going to the vet can be a scary experience for ill or injured pets, it can be a positive experience for pets getting routine yearly exams. Does the staff make a point to make the pet comfortable? Does the vet allow the pet to sniff and get to know them or jump right into an exam?

Visit to Find Out More

The best way to find the right Veterinary Hospital in Clifton VA is to visit the facility before a pet needs medical care. Contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital to schedule a visit. You can also connect them on Facebook.