Hire a Foreclosure Attorney in St. Louis, MO and Use These Options to Keep the Home

A foreclosure can be a frightening prospect for a homeowner, especially if they have never experienced it before. However, receiving notice of a foreclosure does not mean the end of homeownership. Below are several options for homeowners who have encountered financial difficulties, as well as tips on stopping foreclosure with the help of a foreclosure attorney in St. Louis, MO.

Monitor the Situation

If a homeowner has difficulty keeping up with mortgage payments, they should not ignore the problem. Rather, they should ask the mortgage lender for help. The simplest and best way to stop foreclosure is to work with an attorney and the lender to solve the problem before papers are filed. If the person is more than 60 days behind and they have recently gotten a default notice, they should respond within 30 days to ensure that the home doesn’t get pushed into a foreclosure sale. The homeowner’s best option is to call a foreclosure attorney right away.


A home refinance is a good option for homeowners who have missed only one payment in the last year, and whose FICO scores are good enough to qualify for another loan. Refinancing allows the debtor to get a better interest rate, a longer loan term, or change loan types. If a person is ineligible for refinancing, a loan modification may be the best choice.

Start a Repayment Plan

If the financial hardship was only temporary and the home’s value hasn’t dropped, a repayment plan may work for the homeowner. These plans allow borrowers to catch up on missed payments by spreading them over an agreed-on period, without changing mortgage terms. While a repayment cannot stop foreclosure once it is in process, it is a good choice for those who are able to get back on track.

Proactive Defense

Here, the homeowner hires a foreclosure attorney in St. Louis, MO who can take steps to delay the foreclosure. Some who do not want to keep their homes use this option to continue living there without paying the mortgage, and others use proactive defense as a way to stop foreclosure long enough to get a loan modification. Some lawyers offer these services together, which gives homeowners the best chance to stay out of foreclosure and to keep the home. Visit Stlbankruptcyfirm.com for further details.

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