Stretch Wrapping Equipment – It’s Not All the Same

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Packaging

If you want to secure and protect your products at the same time, stretch wrapping film is a good choice. However, the kind of equipment you use to apply this film can vary a great deal. In fact, you’ll enjoy many benefits when you use high-quality machines like the Cousins stretch wrapper and here are some reasons why.

Cost-effective Selections

When you choose a trusted company with a reputation for excellent machinery, you’ll have a variety of choices. For example, you can choose a basic model Cousins stretch wrapper when you need cost-effective machinery, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality for the price. The basic model is a good choice if your pallets are under 3000 pounds and you don’t put out a lot of materials daily.

The machines are easy to operate, and your workers won’t need much training. They’re good choices for small operations because the machines run on standard 115 volt single-phase power. When you choose quality machines, you get important features like variable speed AC motors and a lifetime warranty on your pre-stretch rollers. They also come with safety interlock features.

Easy Upgrades

When you choose quality made machines like the Cousins stretch wrapper, you can easily upgrade from manual to fully automatic. In fact, some of the entry-level machines are easily converted so you there’s no need to invest in new equipment. This is a good decision for the small company that expects to grow in the future.

Many Options

If you don’t need an automated system, you might consider a semi-automatic Cousins stretch wrapper. It’s manually operated but the worker only needs to load the machine, press a button and the machine does all the rest. Fully automatic machines only require the push of a button for the entire process. These are only a few of many selections you’ll enjoy.

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