3 Ways a Stretch Wrap Machine Helps Reduce Your Shipping Losses

The loss of items during shipping for products, materials, or equipment is expected when using standard plastic wrap that applies in a vertical fashion. Switching to a stretch wrap machine that runs the plastic along a horizontal axis ensures the items are fastened securely to the pallet. None of your items will come loose, fall out, or become damaged due to a failure in the wrapping materials.

1 – Solid Attachment of Products to the Pallets

Traditional wrapping of palleted goods with plastic is a process that easily secures products together but rarely secures the load to the pallet. Investing in a stretch wrap machine that securers the load horizontally means everything will be held in place, even when being transported over bumpy roads. It’s perfect for numerous smaller items and fragile objects. You’ll never have to guess as to whether all included items are getting to their necessary destination.

2 – Reduce the Risk of Losing Parts and Portions of Shipments

Not all products are shipped to warehouses and retail centers packed in concise little boxes. Some items are oddly-shaped, loose, or of various sizes. Using a horizontally oriented wrap machine is a simpler way to keep all items gathered together on one pallet for transport. Everything is pulled tight enough to keep it together but causes no damage to your products.

3 – Stabilize Any Load for Successful Transport

You will consistently lose money if the wrapping on your pallets of products fails. It can cause a pallet to tip, collapse, or set all products loose. Your company loses money each time large amounts of products are sent back damaged or destroyed.

Adding a quality stretch wrap machine to your shipment preparation area is your best insurance against the risk of loss through destroyed products in the shipping process.

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