Measure Your Product Exactly with a Popcorn Packaging Machine

One of the biggest unnecessary costs in the food industry is unintentional food loss. There are several ways you can lose food unintentionally, but the most common is through inaccurate weighing and measuring during the packaging process. Without accurate portion control, you may be inadvertently filling your bags with more product than the packaging describes.

Fortunately, a Popcorn Packaging Machine can provide several benefits to your business, including helping you reduce product loss. This machine bags your popcorn and seals the bag, but it also ensures that the amount of popcorn contained in the bag is exactly what is prescribed on the label.

The food scales on these machines weigh product with an accuracy of .5 grams, one of the most accurate in the industry.

Once you begin using your Popcorn Packaging Machine, you’ll see how efficient this process is for your business. Your product is dispensed and weighed for accuracy and then sealed tightly, with the entire process only taking a few seconds. Your popcorn moves quickly through the bagging process and is ready to be placed into distribution boxes before you know it.

After using the Popcorn Packaging Machine for a few weeks, it’s likely you’ll begin to notice the reduction in product loss, as you’ll be able to fill more bags with the same sized popcorn batch. This helps you to maximize revenue, helping you to quickly pay for the equipment, and then start putting more money in your pocket.

Talk with your equipment vendor about how a Popcorn Packaging Machine and other automation equipment can benefit your business. They can provide you with expert advice as well as machines that can help your business grow and move to the next level. With a few tweaks to your process and a new machine, you’ll be reaching more customers than you ever dreamed.