High-Performance and Easy-to-Program PCR Machines in Chestnut Hill, MA

Today’s thermal cycler makes lab and fieldwork a more efficient and consistent prospect through updated features, such as modular systems, that improve flexibility and adaptability. Which thermal cycler will work best depends on which features best align with the work involved.

What Is a Thermal Cycler?

Thermal cyclers, also thermocyclers or PCR machines, are essential laboratory equipment for work in molecular biology. While they can serve a series of purposes, the devices are an important part of DNA amplification.

DNA amplification refers to the creation of millions or even billions of copies of a DNA sample via a process called PCR, or polymerase chain reaction. The copied, or amplified, DNA creates a large enough sample for observers to carry out detailed studies or identify genetic disorders.

How Does a Thermal Cycler Work?

A core component of thermal cyclers is a heating block. This piece holds multiple sample tubes carrying reaction mixtures. The PCR process takes place due to precise temperature changes performed by the block at specific pre-programmed times.

Cycler Selection Considerations

Several considerations factor into the selection of a PCR machine. These include:

  • The objective
  • Gradient functionality to heat regions of the block independently
  • Large LCD color touch-screen with user-friendly interface
  • Time and temperature displayed in real-time
  • Function programmability
  • Outstanding temperature uniformity for consistent results
  • Quick thermal block heating and cooling
  • Heated lids to minimize condensation
  • Capacity to handle various vessel types, including PCR tubes, PCR plates and well plates
  • High-performance digital spatial profiling
  • Large program storage capacity
  • cTUVus certification
  • CE mark

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