Important Information About Mental Health First Aid Youth Training

Health counseling services were established during the deinstitutionalization movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Discharged patients needed housing options as psychiatric hospitals shut down. Adults who frequently interact with youngsters should take mental health first aid youth training.

The course covers major mental health issues that affect youth, typical adolescent development, and empowering youth. Below are the courses offered:

HeartSaver First Aid CPR AED

People who complete this course are employed as caregivers or direct support staff, teachers, or coaches. The course is also offered to individuals who give lifesaving services to their loved ones.

Blended Learning Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED

This course is delivered via online classes to those participating. They are taught how to save babies, children, and adults’ lives. After this mental health first aid youth training, the participants are offered in-person, hands-on skills set session.

Blended Learning Basic Life Support

Blended Learning Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR consists of two sections: a 2-hour internet class and an in-person skill set session with a BLS Trainer from the American Heart Association. In addition, learners receive an American Heart Association primary life support card valid for two years.

Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Course CPR AED

To prepare daycare workers to respond to calls from babies and young children, respondents must complete an online program accompanied by an in-person hands-on skill set session.

You will succeed in your career if you participate in the mental health first aid youth Training.