Questions To Ask Custom Plastic Molding Services

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Injection Molding

There are a lot of different manufacturers offering plastic molding services. All of these companies tend to advertise they offer custom molding but it is well worth a phone call or an email to ensure they are the best possible company to partner with for custom plastic molding.

The cost will always be a factor to consider, as will the ability of the molding service to work within your supply chain system to ensure parts and components are delivered on time and to the schedule and quantity required.

Do You Provide Design Services?

Just because a part can be designed doesn’t make it ideal for production. Issues with complex shapes, variations in wall thickness and even issues with angles can all make it more challenging for the custom plastic molding process.

Top companies that offer design services can work with your in-house design team to develop options that will be practical for molded part production.

What Molding Processes are Available?

While injection molding is a common option, there are other types of custom plastic molding process that may be a better choice for a particular part or product. Companies that offer, dip molding, blow molding, and clean room molding provides a greater range of options to choose.

What is Your Expertise and Experience in this Industry?

Always ask the custom molding service if they have worked in your industry before. This is particularly important in highly regulated industries where specific standards for products and components have to be rigorously maintained.

What is Your Production Capacity and Ability to Scale Up Production?

Ideally, by talking to the custom molding company about maximum production, it is possible to determine if the company has the scalability you will need. This will be particularly important if there is a chance to move into new markets and consumer demand may be difficult to predict accurately.

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