The Benefits Of Opting For A Custom Wire Harness

In many types of electronic systems and devices, there is a complex number of different cables, wires, and connections to try to manage. As the demand for smaller and smaller devices and systems continues, the need to effectively manage these wires in a uniform and organized way becomes more important.

Wires and cables that are not organized, secured and contained in the design are more likely to result in rubbing or wear on the wire. In some types of electronics, this can also lead to electronic noise problems in the system, particularly if components are not shielded.

The advantages to opting for a custom wire harness will offset the cost of the device. These advantages include the following issues and can be applied to most systems with electronics.

Quality Control

A critical factor in choosing a custom wire harness is the ability to monitor for quality control. With the wire harness designed for the wiring needs as well as the design of the device or component, all aspects of the system can be taken into consideration. For technicians installing the wiring, the pre-configured harness and assembly prevents incorrect connections or using the wrong wire for the connection.

Time Savings

To add to the time-saving element of choosing a custom wire harness, consider a company that can also provide assembly. This will help to streamline production as the entire wiring system can be dropped into place in the device rather than each wire run through the system.

Wire Considerations

When using a standard type of wiring harness, it will be essential to use the wire type for the harness design. This can limit your options, forcing the design to include a wire that is not optimal for the performance of the part or component.

With custom harnesses, this issue will not play a factor. With increased quality, time and cost savings as well as the freedom to work with the ideal wiring configuration, this is the solution for OEMs.