Custom Plastic Extrusion Services and Their Benefits

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Injection Molding

If you need plastic parts, you can manufacture them yourself or turn to an outsourced company for assistance. Many parts today are easily produced with extrusion methods, and when you choose custom plastic extrusion services, you enjoy many benefits. Here are some of the services they can perform.

What is Extrusion?

Did you ever watch meat go through a grinder? The course ground meat comes out in long strips. This is the basic principle behind custom plastic extrusion methods. Plastic materials are passed through a die and take the shape of the die as they move through it.

Increase Your Production

When you outsource your manufacturing, you can greatly increase the amount of available products for customers. Extruding plastic is a rapid process, and your manufacturer can deliver a large amount of materials within a short time period.

More Customers

With a reliable custom plastic extrusion company, you can offer more products and earn the business of more customers. There is no need to ramp up your production processes. You only need to place the order with your outsourced manufacturer.


Extruding plastic materials is a cost-effective way to manufacture parts. The manufacturer can charge less for products, and this gives you lower wholesale costs. When your costs are lower, you can charge less for your materials. Lower prices attract new customers.

Customized Services

Do you need special parts which require new designs or improvements? When you hire custom molding services, you can take advantage of expert engineering and design services. Your manufacturer can design and create your new parts, and this saves you an enormous amount of time and labor on research and development. Talk to your custom services today about the many benefits extrusion has to offer. They are there to answer your questions and help you improve your company efficiency.

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