Planning For Water Submetering In An Existing Apartment Building

Retrofitting plumbing systems in older apartment buildings is an ideal time to add in water submetering services. By adding a meter on every unit, tenants in the apartment can more effectively manage their water bill on a monthly basis.

Having the apartment building submetered is also a benefit for the landlord or the property manager. The submetering service can provide monthly billing and payment processing, which saves time for the landlord and property owner. It also provides a secure online payment option for tenants, allowing them to pay their bills using echecks or credit and debit cards from a computer or mobile device.

Planning Steps

Planning for water submetering is a key component of the process. Ideally, the company installing the submeters should be able to work with you to plan the project, limiting any time without water for the various units in the building. Taking the time to coordinate the installation will allow the tenants to make necessary arrangements for the short amount of time the water may be off to their unit.

The installation of the submeters is a surprisingly fast process in most apartment buildings. However, there may be situations, particularly in older buildings or buildings converted to apartments, where water lines may have been added on or where more than one unit may receive water from the same line.

In these situations, the water submetering company can often plan in advance to correct the problem, or to notify the building owner or manager that submetering may not be possible for some units without changes in the plumbing infrastructure. This is not always a complicated process, and it is worth considering as it will provide an effective marketing tool for the property in the future.

Look for a submetering company with experience and expertise in these types of projects. Ideally, consider all the services the company offers from water testing to billing and payment management before making a final selection.