Need to Hire a Social Security Lawyer, Find One in Orange

After working for years and paying FICA taxes, you would think that getting benefits would be simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, for many people in Orange that are physically or mentally disabled, this is but a dream. The Social Security Administration is a federal government agency. Like all government agencies, it is burdened by strict rules of procedure that must be adhered to. One simple error is that a claim can lead to immediate denial of benefits.

Seven out of every ten claims for disability benefits are denied when first made. It may take several appeals before approval is finally granted. A Social Security lawyer can help to improve your chances of getting the benefits you deserve.

A lawyer can help in several ways:

Details Are Extremely Important – Your claim stands very little chance of being approved if you do not provide the SSA with complete details of your specific disability and the way your disability affects your capacity to earn a living. An experienced lawyer knows what the administration wants and can help you prepare your claim accordingly.

Medical Records – Your lawyer will review your medical records. He or she can identify where additional information is needed and can help you get it. Complete, accurate, and up-to-date medical records are a must. Having detailed medical records is one of the keys to winning your claim.

Additional Information – As your case goes through the review process, the administration may request additional information or records. Whatever they ask for must be given to them with minimum delay. If you fail to respond to a request from the SSA, you can expect your claim to be denied.

If your initial claim for Social Security disability benefits is denied, don’t give up. A seasoned Social Security lawyer  in Orange can appeal the decision. Having an experienced lawyer to help will improve the chances of winning the benefits you need.

If your claim for benefits was denied, a Social Security lawyer can help. To discuss your case in detail, contact The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen near Orange.