Water Utility Billing Security: It Matters

The threat of exposing a client’s or a customer’s private personal information has become one of the most talked about (and worried about) security risks today. Large companies with extensive lines of security systems in place are struggling to keep hackers out. As a multi-tenant property owner, municipality, or third-party provider, how do you know that your water utility billing process is as safe and secure as possible? If you have not thought about this risk yet, now is the time to do so before a threat occurs.

Why It Matters

In most water utility billing systems, a good deal of personal information is stored. This includes your customers’ names, addresses, and in some cases, social security number. It may also include storing credit cards or payment information for your clients. In some situations, there is also the need to storage usage information, which could provide insight into when someone is home. There is a very real reason here for companies and cities to take every step possible to prevent this type of theft.

What Can You Do?

When choosing a water utility billing provider, ensure that organization has the built-in security that your organization needs. It is important to look for those that have ample safety features in place including technology that ensures the highest level of security possible for payments and communications. Hackers continue to develop new methods for accessing personal data. As a result, it is essential for companies to take every step possible to ensure there is an ongoing program in place to minimize risk.

Water utility billing does not seem like the type of system that you have to worry about when it comes to cyber threats. However, it is. Taking steps to protect your customers and residents is essential.