Why The Benefits Of Water Submetering Should Be Widely Shared

The savings seen and being provided by offering visible management of water submeter costs will continue to ensure that multiuse property owners will request the installation of individual meters. By providing accurate billing and being able to identify leaks using modern technology via the meter, apartment blocks and homeowner’s associations will be quick to ask for installations.

Interest Is Growing Fast

Under the previous system where the entire building receives one bill, which the property management then divided between each owner, based upon the square foot size of each unit and not actual usage, arguments were bound to occur. Particularly, when unit occupiers had no incentive to repair leaks or cut down on water waste, those who addressed difficulties at the early stage and refused to waste water were adversely affected. The overuse and waste of water was effectively billed to all the unit occupiers.

Submetering provides instant information about an individual unit’s water use, which means that an instant peak means that a leak has occurred or an unusual water usage pattern has been identified.

Reducing Payments Effectively

The water submeter cost for installation and management quickly provides benefits for everyone involved in the water chain. With accurate billing, the cash flow of water utility companies is improved.

The property management will understand the water submeter costs and will know that all the water bill will be paid and that there remains only the need to deal separately with homeowner association fees, connected to the water, for common areas.

By reducing the water bill for each unit because they can see and manage their own consumption, water bills can be identified at the end of each trading period and individuals check their consumption and bill online. This enables payment to be received far quicker at the utility company, which can result in the reduction of the overall costs to the utility company and lower water fees charged to residents.

Property owners may not find an increased burden on their time to manage the water billing as this is easily provided by the water utility company and sent direct to the unit occupiers.