Home Away from Home: Puppy Boarding in Lorton VA

Those who travel often face the question of what they are going to do with their pets while they are gone. Some pet owners take their pets with them. However, many owners do not have that option. This is especially true for those who have a rambunctious puppy in their life. Fortunately, Puppy Boarding in Lorton VA has become an entrusted source for those who are seeking temporary care.

What are Boarding Kennels?

Boarding kennels are a designated place where pet owners house their cats or dogs temporarily. Boarding kennels are most commonly located within an animal hospital or veterinary clinic.

Choosing a Boarding Kennel

Finding a boarding kennel that is trustworthy will put a devoted pet owner’s mind at ease. Listed below are a few tips to assist with choosing the perfect boarding location.

  • Talk with and observe the staff to get an idea of how they feel about his or her job. How they interact with the animals will tell an owner the type of care their puppy will receive.
  • Puppies can find staying in a kennel is stressful. Ask about the kennel’s policy on whether or not personal items such as a blanket or toy can be sent with the puppy to alleviate the stress.
  • Take a tour of the potential boarding facility, and evaluate the cleanliness inside and out.
  • Inquire about additional accommodations included within the facility.
  • Always ask if the kennel provides paperwork for verifying the animals are vaccinated and current with their vaccines

Crosspointe Animal Hospital offers a variety of accommodations for boarding a puppy to ensure the puppy remains comfortable with his or her temporary surroundings.

These accommodations include:

  • Individual Kennels for sleep or relaxation.
  • A comfortable temperature of 72 degrees throughout the building.
  • Multiple walks a day.
  • Enclosed yards for play and exercise.
  • For puppies with nervous stomachs, a bland diet of meat and rice is provided, to prevent making the sickness worse.
  • Professionally trained kennel staff.
  • An on-site veterinarian is available should an emergency arise.

As a pet owner, you do not want to have to spend your entire vacation worrying about your pet at home. Puppy Boarding in Lorton VA is a great way to ensure you and your puppy enjoy the time away from home. Contact us today to make a reservation for your puppy. You can also connect them on Facebook.