What are the Latest Trends in Sarees?

Sarees have always been at the top when it comes to ethnic wear. Considering the types of sarees based on the region they come from, the fabric, the designs and even the way they are worn, the saree gives you enough variety to never actually get tired of wearing the clothing. There are some trends which have added their spin to the saree. You can get the Latest Sarees Collection with Price at designer boutiques and online also

Let’s have a look at some of these trends.

Caped saree: The saree worn with a cape worn over the shoulders gives it an additional layer and transforms it to the realms of fusion wear. These capes can form a train or hang till the ankles. This is more for those who like to stand out and have an adventurous fashion sense.

Saree with fringes: Fringes and pleats added to saree borders and pallus give the saree a nice modern touch. You can have matching fringes in the blouse sleeves, too. This trend is unobtrusive and lets you experiment with the saree and preserve its appeal at the same time.

Saree with shirt blouse: The saree blouse has undergone various kinds of changes from the length of sleeves to the height of the back to a stage where the highlights on the blouse are just as important as the saree itself. Now we have the shirt blouse where in place of the blouse, a shirt is worn with the saree. This goes very well with the cotton and khadi sarees, in subtle, sober tones. The shirt blouse gives the saree an edgy and smart look.

Saree with pant: The ultimate fusion of east and west, the saree is worn over a pair of trousers. The elegant drapes of the saree are merged with the practicality of pants, making it quite a useful trend. This is fashionable and quirky and easily manageable.

So you can check out the Latest Sarees Collection with Price, and also try out some of these trends in sarees now!