Helping Your Dog Or Cat Prepare For Surgery

The best animal care centers are those that are well equipped for handling both minor and major surgical procedures, whether it is spaying and neutering services or emergency surgery and procedures. Good care centers also will offer a range of services such as dental, boarding, observation, vaccines, pain management, medication assistance, and euthanasia services. You will also want to make sure you find a vet clinic or hospital that offers routine examinations and assistance, and one that can also handle testing, labs, blood work, and other services your pet may need throughout the year. Of all the services your pet may need one day, the most important and also the most frightening for you and your pet, can be surgery. Here are some things you should know about the process and what you can do to make your beloved friend more comfortable before and after surgery:

1. Ensure all vaccinations and shots are up to date. This can help keep your pet safe during recovery when their immune system is weakened. It can also help make things easier on your vet by giving them one less thing to worry about as they start the surgery.
2. Follow all guidelines given by the vet or tech at the check up before surgery. If they tell you no food or drink for 12 hours before the surgery then make sure you follow that order. Giving in to guilt and giving Fido a snack before the surgery can cause major problems and can even put your pooch’s life in danger. So make sure all guidelines and instructions are followed exactly in the days and weeks before surgery.
3. Make arrangements ahead of time. Schedule the surgery at a time where you have the ability to take your pet and be there if you are allowed when they come out of surgery. Knowing you are there can go a long way in helping your pet feel at ease.
4. Keep things simple and quite before the surgery. Your kids may still want to play with their beloved pet but before a big surgery it is important to let your dog or cat rest and take it easy. You do not want them to get stressed out or sick before the surgery. Also, speaking of kids, even though they may want to be there to see their friend into the surgery room, it is often best to leave the kids at home – again peace and quiet it what your pet needs most before and after surgery.
5. Follow all post-surgery instructions and call with any questions. Your vet will explain what you need to do to care for your pet in the first few days and when they can start getting back to their normal activities. They will also give you an idea of what to look for that might be a sign there are problems that need to be taken care. Keep a careful eye on your pet for the first week or so after a major surgery!

Following these tips is a great way to help your pet prepare for surgery. Contact the Ortega Animal Care Center for compassionate animal care you can trust. You can also like them on Facebook.