Features of Quality Storage Facilities in Knoxville

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Moving

The dream of many people is to move from an apartment to their first home. Often, the guidelines in the lease agreement on the apartment do not allow them to terminate it, so they need to find a trustworthy tenant. Once that has been done, the apartment needs to be made presentable, welcoming and have enough space for all their items, regardless of the length of the tenants’ stay. Often this means going through every part of the apartment for extra pieces of furniture or recreational equipment that might be in the way of the new tenant and also looking for a place for storage. Knoxville has many such companies that can assist people in this situation.

Storage Plans
People sublet their apartments for a variety of reasons and lengths of time. For those who are planning to sublet their apartments for only a few months, a storage company that provides short-term agreements, such as month-by-month plans, is the ideal solution. Such a company ensures that people do not need to pay more for their storage space any longer than needed.

Facilities that offer online payment plans can simplify paying rent on the space. Late fees can be avoided, and payments can be made regardless of one’s new location.

Climate Control Features
People who may be storing anything that is sensitive to temperatures such as electronics, artwork, photographs, wood furniture or other delicate materials should make sure the facility where they plan to store these items is climate-controlled. This means that the temperature is kept between 55 and 85 degrees throughout the year, and the humidity level is regulated. Items sensitive to the environment that are left in a climate-controlled facility will avoid having to be replaced with expensive items in the future due to damage from moisture or fluctuating temperatures.

Security and Safety Features
Proper protection of one’s possessions, while they are being stored, is also important. There should be 24-hour surveillance and personalized gated access. Additional security measures that should be in place would include security alarms on the facility, closed circuit cameras and management on-site. Fire and smoke detection also provide additional protection.

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