Getting Help From a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Saint Paul

The laws vary from state to state on what type of dog-related injuries an owner is liable for. In Minnesota, the laws are quite liberal and even cover dog-related injuries that don’t result from a bite. Contacting a Dog Bite Injury Attorney Saint Paul has to offer, such as Rutzick Law Offices, can help people figure out whether they may be able to get some type of compensation for their injuries.

Circumstances Matter

Not everyone who is injured by a dog can qualify for compensation, even if they hire the best dog bite injury attorney in Saint Paul has to offer. Certain circumstances need to be met before there’s a legal case. The person who got bit can’t have been trespassing, and the dog must have been unleashed. If the dog caused a serious injury that required medical attention, but the injured person didn’t provoke the dog in any way, they may have a case, especially if there are previous complaints against the dog in question.

Non-Bite Injuries

The Minnesota dog-bite laws make it so the owner doesn’t have to have done anything wrong to be liable for injuries caused by his or her dog. For non-bite injuries, the dog doesn’t even have to touch the person. All that’s required is for the dog to be focused on the person and cause the accident that results in the injury. This could mean chasing the person or startling them by barking at them, both of which could lead to accidents.

Potential Results

The owner of the dog may be found responsible for paying for any property damage, lost income, medical bills, scarring or pain and suffering that their dog causes. Dogs that have a history of injuring someone or cases in which the owner has been found to be lax in taking care of the dog in the past may lead to the owner may be responsible for even more damages than if it is a first time offense. Some lawyers will take the case without upfront payment on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if you win, but then they’ll get a certain percentage of whatever amount you win. Keep this in mind when choosing an attorney. Visit website for more details.