4 Mistakes to Avoid with Help from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Delray Beach, FL

Fall is here, and motorcyclists are out in full force. Riding in the cool of evening is wonderful, but it carries with it an unintended side effect: an increased frequency of motorcycle accidents. When you visit Abramowitz, Pomerantz, & Morehead, P.A, you can avoid the mistakes listed below.

Not Getting Medical Help Right Away

If a rider is injured in an accident, they should seek immediate medical attention even if they are unsure of the extent of their injuries. Many conditions do not fully manifest until months after a crash. This can be particularly true in motorcycle crashes, where the rider must use his or her entire body to try to avoid the accident. An untreated injury can become worse, turning a sore neck into a permanent disability.

Not Saving Evidence

After an accident, the rider should leave his or her bike in the same condition and take photos of the damage. Riders should keep their riding clothes and helmet, even if they cannot be used again. It is acceptable to have the bike evaluated by a mechanic, but nothing should be repaired. The rider should get the mechanic’s opinion on the bike’s condition following the crash, and they should keep it in the same condition until they receive advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer in Delray Beach, FL.

Talking to the At-Fault Party’s Insurance Company

Most insurers do not care if a victim receives compensation for his or her injuries, and they use every possible trick of the trade to limit payouts. Riders should never sign waivers or provide a recorded statement about the accident. If a rider is unsure of what they are being asked to sign, they should ask an attorney to review the documents.

Waiting for Another Person to Handle Things

State law says that the victim or his/her family must prove that the person’s losses are related to the accident, and that the accident was the other motorist’s fault. Even if a person believes that they are not responsible for an accident, their insurer may not feel the same way. Only the victim or a representative can initiate a case by talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Delray Beach, FL.