Why Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Kendallville, Indiana Is Essential

When a person is arrested, they face a variety of penalties if they plead guilty or are convicted of the crime. These penalties can range from small fines to life in jail depending on the severity of the crime they’re accused of. Even if they did commit the crime, they do have the right to representation before and during the trial. By hiring an Attorney In Kendallville Indiana, they may be able to avoid the harsh penalties and, in some cases, avoid a conviction.

After the person is arrested, they have the right to an attorney when they are being questioned about the case. This can help protect their rights and ensure they don’t accidentally say something incriminating. The attorney will be able to review all of the evidence against them and help formulate a defense. This could mean pleading guilty to a lower charge, trying to dismiss the charges based on a lack of evidence, or trying to lower the charge based on the circumstances surrounding the case. The attorney can help the person determine which tactic is going to be right for their exact scenario.

If the person pleads guilty or is found guilty in court, the next step is the sentencing. Without an attorney, the person could receive the maximum penalties allowed for the charge they’re convicted of. An attorney can help convince the judge that an extremely harsh penalty is not necessary. This could mean the judge is more lenient and the person may be able to get a reduced sentence. Once their sentence is complete, the lawyer may also be able to help them have the conviction expunged from their record if they qualify for an expungement.

There are quite a few different ways an Attorney in Kendallville Indiana, is going to be able to help a person who has been arrested. The details of how an attorney can help depend on the charges the person is facing. It’s important to hire an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest so they can get to work on the case quickly to formulate a defense that’s going to help their client avoid a conviction or lengthy sentence. For more information on why it’s important to contact a criminal defense attorney, visit the website of Grimm & Grimm today.