A Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Keller, TX. Helps the Spouses Cooperate

Many divorces are not particularly amicable, but the spouses still manage to keep the proceedings out of court. If they have major disagreements regarding finances, child custody, or other issues they may each work with a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Keller, TX. to help resolve these problems. Not all divorcing couples are good candidates for the collaborative process, but many find this to be a very useful option.

The Goal of Good Candidates

If either spouse has a goal of making life miserable for the other, they are not good candidates for collaboration. Sometimes spouses feel intense anger and are intentionally disruptive during divorce proceedings. In contrast, two individuals who have the goal of working out their disagreements calmly and reasonably are likely to be successful in collaboration meetings.

Cooperation and Open-Mindedness

Each person must be cooperative and open-minded when working with a collaborative divorce lawyer in Keller, TX. The spouses might have to think of new ways to solve their issues if they have essentially reached a stalemate. A great deal of compromise may be required. Each must decide whether certain issues are truly as important as they seemed to be at the beginning.

Common Problems Addressed in Collaboration

One of the more common problems that get in the way of a divorce progressing smoothly is a disagreement about child custody and visitation. Another involves which person will keep a specific possession, like a vacation cottage or a sailboat. The Mitchell Law Firm provides legal representation in these matters and offers details at rickmlaw.com.