Child Support: Knowing the Basics

There are legal measures you can take if your partner sends barely enough to cover the cost of child support. Here are answers to a few common questions that may prove helpful to you when you approach a child support lawyer for advice and assistance.

Why is it necessary?

Children are entitled to financial support from both parents. Parents, on the other hand, have a legal responsibility to provide for their kids.

How much is fair?

Plenty of factors must be considered to ensure a fair amount. Where does the child live most of the time? Which parent earns more? How much is the cost of daycare and health insurance where the child lives? How many children are there? These questions will determine and influence the amount of child support that you can expect from your former partner or spouse.

How long does it last?

The law requires parents to continue paying child support under the condition that the child must be a minor. If the child has special needs, then the support may continue. If your child joins the active-duty military, then the support ends, The Spruce says.

What if your ex-spouse isn’t sending enough?

You can file a motion for Contempt for Child Support Order with the help of a child support lawyer. By asking the court to make your former spouse pay, you may start seeing those child support payments increase.

Where to get help?

Look for a competent and trained attorney to handle your case. Because family law cases are often polarizing, the presence and assistance of a lawyer can help you and your former spouse in discussing the matter on an even, professional keel. Ask your lawyer for advice on how to proceed with the case as well. Learn about all the legal options and measures you can take.