Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Services in Hamilton, OH

More families than ever are choosing cremation over traditional burial today, but the trend toward cremating remains is a fairly recent one. As a result, families often have many questions about the practical aspects of arranging Cremation Services In Hamilton OH. This article is intended to answer some of them.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a process by which human remains are reduced to ash using high heat and flames. The inurnment, burying, or scattering of the ashes is not considered part of the cremation process, nor is any kind of funeral or memorial service. Cremation refers only to the process of burning the body.

How Soon After Death Should it Take Place?

The entire cremation process requires only two to three hours and should take place as soon as all the legal and paperwork requirements surrounding the death are addressed. This usually takes three to five business days. It’s also important to realize that most jurisdictions legally require at least 24 hours to go by before a body can be cremated.

Is a Casket Required?

In most places, caskets are not required for cremation. However, a rigid, combustible container, usually referred to within the industry as an alternative cremation container, will be required. Most cremation services offer these containers as part of their basic packages.

What Happens After Cremation?

After the cremation process has occurred, the bone fragments remaining will be processed into a consistent size and placed in an urn. Once the ashes are ready, the cremation service will get in touch with the family for collection or mail the ashes for an additional charge. Families should consider permanent placement as soon as possible. Options include communal or private inurnment, scattering, or using the ashes to fabricate custom jewelry or other products for loved ones.

When Will the Ashes Be Ready?

The ashes are usually ready to be delivered to the family within two to three days of the cremation. Many Cremation Services In Hamilton OH also offer help with placing the ashes, so it’s a good idea to ask about options. The next step for most families is to begin planning a memorial service, although time is not of the essence in the same way it is for traditional burials.