What Does An SSI Advocate In Temecula, CA Do?

In California, social security disability benefits offer monthly values for disabled individuals. The benefits help disabled parties live on their own when they are unable to work. Each claimant who files for the benefits must prove their eligibility through medical records. An SSI Advocate in Temecula CA helps the claimants when the SSA denies access to the benefits.

Assessing the Original Claim

The original claim is reviewed for potential errors. A common issue is a lack of detailed information. Claimants who submit sufficient documentation of their condition provide clear evidence of their disability. Claims with insufficient evidence are often mismanaged, and the claimant is denied the benefits.

Comparing the Medical Evidence to Eligibility Requirements

An advocate compares the medical evidence to current eligibility requirements. The condition must last longer than one year, and it is permanent or terminal. The evidence suggests that the claimant is unable to work in any industry. The claimant isn’t eligible if it’s possible for them to work in a different industry other than their preference.

Starting an Appeal or Reconsideration

According to federal laws, claimants have the right to start an appeal. The deadline for appeals is thirty days following the denial. A reconsideration is also possible in California. It is a request for the SSA to re-evaluate the claim. If the efforts fail, the claimant has the right to start a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration.

Taking the Matter Before the Court

The medical records start from the date the condition was diagnosed. All supplementary files show how the condition has progressed and its prognosis. The doctor testifies and explains the exact effects of the condition on the claimant. A judge and jury make all final decisions about the claimant’s eligibility. The value of the back pay and monthly benefits are determined after the claimant wins their case.

In California, social security disability is awarded to individuals with an eligible condition. The value provided covers all living expenses and food for the claimant. Eligibility for the benefits qualifies the claimant for other income-based programs, too. Claimants who need help from an SSI Advocate in Temecula CA visit us for more information now.